Gimme 5! Songs I’m loving!


This week (I’m aware it’s not Wednesday) I’m sharing five songs I’m currently obsessed with.  You know the ones, could quite happily listen to them on repeat seven times in a row and you’re still not fed up with it……

Ellie Goulding – Love me like you do: Yes the song from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  If the film clips weren’t in the video it would probably be a lot better, although saying this I flipping love the song and can’t listen to it quite enough at the moment. (I am also a little bit wanting to see the film, but we’ll save that for later)

Forever Can Wait – Excuses: A 5 piece formed in Southampton, and a brilliant bunch of peeps. I’ve been re-obsessed with their EP and just can’t stop listening to it, rather hard to pick my favourite track from it. Rubbish that they’re not doing the music stuff together any more, but definitely check out Beauty and Grace.

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue: A good old favourite.  I’ve loved this song for years and I’m sure I’ll love it for years more.  Every now and then I re-develop a massive crush on this song and become completely fixated with it again.

Deaf Havana – Whiskey: My favourite band kept this little gem relatively quiet, but I am IN LOVE with this song.  It’s just beautiful. (I also couldn’t find a link for it, so you’ll just have to buy the 22 EP on iTunes)

And I couldn’t quite pick a fifth song on it’s own so have a spotify playlist of a bunch of songs I love.  Please excuse the title, but enjoy and let me know what’s your favourite song from it.

Ciao x


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