Worth the wonga…? Garnier PureActive BB Cream


I bought this as complete impulse as it was on a buy one get the cheapest free deal in boots.  I really don’t know why I did it, £9.99 for a BB Cream!? In my defence I was on the way back from the doctors as I’ve not been to well of late so I’m blaming that.

It smells quite nice and the consitency is good.  The colour however, for me at least, is all wrong.  I got it in the lightest shade available which is still too dark, having a shade range of only two is perhaps not so great.


The coverage is really quite good compared to other BB Creams I’ve tried, but the colour was just so off putting.  Maybe if I ever end up with a slight tan it might not be too bad.  But at the moment I’d probably say it’s not, for me at least, worth the tenner I spent on it.

Have you tried the Garnier PureActive BB Cream? Did you get on with it? Was the colour a good match?

C. x


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